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The judges of Williamson County have adopted Standing Orders Regarding Children, Property and Conduct of the Parties. These Standing Orders became effective on March 1, 2019. Standing Orders are relatively new to Williamson County even though Travis County and Bell County and many other Texas counties have used standing orders for years.

These orders are binding upon all parties to a divorce and all parties to an original Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship filed in Williamson County on or after March 1, 2019. The Standing Orders are 4 pages long and it is VERY IMPORTANT for all parties to completely understand the contents of the Standing Orders and to comply with them.

A copy of the Standing Orders are normally delivered to you along with the Original Petition for Divorce or other original pleading in a family law case. All parties should be familiar with the contents of the Standing Orders and should comply with them while the family law case is pending.

Here is a copy of the Williamson County Standing Orders as updated on 2/25/2019:

Wmson Co Standing Order Updated 02.25.19.pdf